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   Hi, I'm Jess! I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and graduated with a B.F.A. in Musical Theater and an Emphasis in Dance, from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. I discovered my passion for the performing arts the moment I stepped onto a stage at the age of two and a half. Growing up, I thrived off of a busy schedule. 12 hour weekdays were frequent, which consisted of singing + acting lessons, dance classes/competition rehearsals -- and I loved every second. To make time for all of these activities, I was home-schooled (which I have to thank for my independent and self-motivated spirit) up until High School.


On the weekends, I performed with the Las Vegas Young Entertainers. We traveled from venues around Las Vegas, all the way to the White House! When I wasn't performing, I was volunteering at nursing homes, food drives, and elementary schools with my mom and the Green Valley National Charity League (NCL). 

For High School, I attended Faith Conservatory of the Fine Arts: the environment that challenged and prepared me to audition for my dream school: The Boston Conservatory. Fast forward 8 years to my senior year at the Boston Conservatory -- where I devised solo and group compositions, transformed from a beginner to intermediate piano "plucker" with training in conducting / sight singing, performed Shakespeare while frolicking through the Fens (Fenway park) -- all of which has ignited my passion and love for creating art. Every experience, technique, challenge has taught me perseverance. Allowing me to blossom into the human + artist I am proud to be, the one I continue to grow into every day.

When I'm not training or auditioning, you'll find me either hiking a mountain somewhere, in the gym, or instructing at Barre3 Henderson. 

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