Jams of the Month:


"A full-body workout combining

strength conditioning, cardio

and mindfulness that will leave you

feeling balanced in body and

empowered from within"


I took my first Barre3 class with my mom senior year of high school, and have been in love ever since. It not only challenges me mentally and physically, but no matter what, I always walk out with a smiling heart. My community at Barre3 keeps me grounded-- I am constantly growing as a human being while being surrounded by beautiful humans who lead with selflessness and love.

After being a client for 2+ years, I developed a passion for this company's dedication to love, compassion, and community. Barre3's mission inspired me to take the instructor route in 2018. I have been a certified instructor for 2 years and most recently, Manager of barre3 South End in Boston, MA!


What is Barre3?


Tuesday: 8am/5:30pm